"All life deserves respect, dignity, and compassion. All life.”   Anonymous

Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary is situated just 7 kms outside the village of Greyton in the Western Cape on a 40 hectare private farm, owned by the founders of the sanctuary, Nicola Vernon and Rohan Millson.  It was established in 2014 and is a registered Non-Profit.  It is home to 91 pigs, 32 sheep, four goats,  two geese, two chickens and a duck as well as eleven dogs and seven cats.  We welcome visitors by appointment.  

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T  E  S  T  I  M  O  N  I  A  L  S

This is pure heaven - 130 rescued animals and as a visitor you're in the middle of it! Nicky is a wonderful host and has some great stories get - pull your sleeves up and get dirty!     Kaspar Paur

Wonderful place run by a wonderful caring woman! If only there were more people like this out there.    Lynn Greaves

Special place with lovely people and and non-human animals. Doing such great things for the animal liberation movement.x     Lauren Greve

The world needs more places like this. I dream of a day when animals are given their rights and are respected as sentient beings. This sanctuary is a glimpse into that future. Animal liberation in our lifetime.    Dipen Patel

So much love and respect for these people and their animal army.    Ruan Smith

This might just be my favorite place of all time!     Mike Deall

So rewarding to spend a night at the farm animal sanctuary. What an experience. You feel at home from the beginning to the end surrounded of precious animals that just want some love! Highly recommend anyone to stop or stay for few days and help the sanctuary! Thank you!!!   Francois Lebrun

Beautiful people doing amazing work, one of my new favorite places.    Lilly Wood

So great a place like this exists! Thank you for doing such a great thing for animals.     Bianca Hagenbeek

What a beautiful place of humanity expressed.    Reto Reolon

Wonderful visit, very special people running the show and beautiful animals. So happy there are people out there doing so much good.   Catherine Frances

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