Most of our animals find their final home here at the Sanctuary.  Their lives have been so full of trauma that we are committed to making sure that they are able to settle here for the rest of their lives.  Some animals, especially the piglets born to the sows who arrived here pregnant, and others who could be happy in any loving home, are available for rehoming.  Every rehomed animal creates a space for a new arrival, allowing the sanctuary to remain dynamic, as a place that can continue to take animals that are desperately in need of our special care.

However, as our potential adopters do understand, we must be absolutely sure that any animal rehomed from this sanctuary is going to equally good conditions where they will be loved and cared for, with their every need met for the rest of their natural lives.  For that reason we follow strict protocols. We do a home check and ask the potential adopter to fill out a questionnaire to show how much they know about the species of animal they want to adopt. A contract is then drawn up that commits the adopter to a high standard of care for the animal and allows the sanctuary to check up on the animal and, in the rare event of the adopted animal failing to thrive, gives the sanctuary the power to bring the animal back to the farm.


Suitable new animal parents are given every back up from the sanctuary for the duration of the animal’s life.  This is particularly crucial for pigs who are demanding and sometimes very difficult pets, as well as being highly rewarding.  Even the most dedicated and loving piggy mum or dad can become overwhelmed, or their circumstances could change, and we are always available to help or to bring piggy back to the sanctuary, even years after adoption.

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