There are two reasons for our existence - to save just a few of the billions of farm animals by offering them a home, and to play our part in bringing about the end of all animal suffering.  To achieve this we run a comprehensive education programme, locally, regionally and nationally.

Humane Education.  As the Founder of the environmental Non-Profit, Greyton Transition Town, Nicola Vernon established a humane education programme in all six local schools, initially funded by Humane Society International.  Five years on and the programme continues in collaboration with the sanctuary.  Children are taught in class about farm animals and are then given the opportunity to come to the sanctuary to meet the animals for themselves and to discover that these are intelligent, sentient, caring beings who deserve love.

Early Childhood Development.  The first 1000 days of a child's life are the most formative.  We welcome creches and children as young as three years old enjoy what is often their first exposure to farm animals living in a kind, caring environment where they are safe from any form of exploitation.

Such exposure awakens a child's natural empathy - which can often be suppressed, especially for children living in challenging circumstances.

Only when a child's empathy is allowed to develop fully can that child grow up into a well rounded adult.

Plant Based Eating in Schools.  The sanctuary works with vegan chef, Norah Hudson, to introduce plant based meals to children on school feeding schemes. Building on school vegetable gardens that were introduced and are being maintained by Greyton Transition Town, the sanctuary shows cooks and gardeners how to communicate with each other to ensure not only that every vulnerable child receives nutritious, fresh vegetables every day but also that the child learns how to grow vegetables for herself.

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