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Cape Flats kids shine at the sanctuary!

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

We were so happy to welcome a group of 53 children brought together by the Tores Foundation. They came to help the sanctuary and created signage, built a shelter and a windbreak, then started our little forest project by planting 50 indigenous saplings.

Their youthful enthusiasm, commitment and kindness to the sanctuary's residents won the hearts of humans and animals. Pigs dropped like stones in front of the children, presenting their bellies to be rubbed, sheep came up for face strokes, even the dogs wanted in on the action.

As well as donating towards the materials, organisers took a simply amazing video of the day which is something we will treasure forever.

The photos below show one of the signs proudly in place at the entrance and then, a photo of the shelter built by the youngsters, above is the inside view and below from the outside.

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