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Top Reasons to Support Farm Animal Sanctuaries

Updated: Aug 9

As children, farm animals have become an important part of our childhood. Pigs in cartoon shows taught us the value of friendship; counting sheep lured us to sleep; and cows somehow jumped over the moon.

If you live in a city, farm animals may not be a common sight anymore. But there is a place where you can reconnect with your childhood friends—at a rescued farm animal sanctuary.

Animal sanctuaries provide you with plenty of ways you can make a truly positive impact on the animals and the environment.

All about farm animal sanctuaries

All over the world, factory farms keep animals in deplorable conditions. These include cramped, dirty cages that limit physical activity feed artificially enhanced with antibiotics and growth hormones. In such situations, the life expectancy of animals, like cows, drops to a mere five years as opposed to the natural life expectancy of 20 years.

Things only get worse as animals that are no longer capable of bearing offspring or producing milk are shipped to slaughterhouses where they are butchered for meat.

Farm animal sanctuaries come to the rescue and provide safe havens for animals that have endured such factory farming victimisation. The incredibly beautiful and serene not-for-profit organisations offer abused farm animals a life of ease, safety and protection where all their needs are met and they are free to manifest natural behaviours.

A rescued farm animal sanctuary protects and cares for their animal residents for the rest of their lives, free from exploitation. Products like eggs, milk, or wool are never commodified. Animals receive unrestricted freedom to roam the facilities, giving them the dignity they deserve. These animals include chickens, cows, ducks, bunnies, ponies, horses, pigs, and sheep.

Some sanctuaries allow supervised but limited public interactions with willing people. But animal sanctuary volunteer opportunities are available for people who want to care for the animals and create a deeper, lasting connection with them.

Why should you volunteer?

Considering the amount of labour-intensive work and constant care in farm sanctuaries, the help of an animal sanctuary volunteer is always appreciated. As a volunteer, you can make a huge difference in the lives of rescued animals whether you choose to support our cause off- or on-site.

Virtual animal volunteering

Opportunities exist for those who cannot come to Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary in the Western Cape of South Africa. As an animal sanctuary volunteer abroad, you can play a critical role by:

  • Donating to support and cover maintenance expenses around the farm

  • Sponsoring and sharing the care costs of an animal

  • Writing blogs, helping out with social media, providing design/graphics support, enhancing websites

Financial contributions are used for the provision of food, shelter, space, and veterinary care to help animals to thrive. Here in Greyton, the contributions are also a big part of supporting an outreach humane education programme that’s designed to inspire empathy in young ones.

In-kind donations acceptable include treats for animals, pro-bono professional services, office supplies, and items for the volunteer programme.

On-site volunteering

Volunteers from South Africa or all over the world can stay for a minimum two weeks to many months in a gypsy-style caravan or converted barn and help us with the daily duties, including:

  • Taking care of animals

  • Administering medical assistance

  • Playing with animals

  • Maintaining the farm

  • Conducting farm tours

Volunteers from abroad get a unique chance to experience life in South Africa while helping animals at our animal sanctuary. Pure Café is a subsidiary of Greyton that serves all-vegan meals, sells environmentally friendly products, and hosts popular plant-based eating and pre-vegan transition workshops.

The animal sanctuary is a fully vegan farm that now hosts almost 160 rescued animals.

Meet the rescue animals at Greyton

Around June 2018, Snortie came into our lives in 2018 with a splayed leg syndrome due to an infection while in her mother’s womb. Unfortunately, the piglet had not received treatment immediately after birth, and things were grim.

Snortie has received treatment, which included strapping her back legs with elastic to help her do what she couldn’t do – walk. An intensive hydrotherapy course later, Snortie was soon able to stand up to eat, crawl, and eventually pick up quite a speed, although she is still partially paralysed in her back legs and will never be able to walk.

Today, Snortie is healthy, happy, and thriving at Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary. She has even made a new friend, Bella, a pig who arrived almost immobilised due to obesity, but now keeps Snortie on her toes!

Thanks to people like you and the power of a rescued farm animal sanctuary, Snortie is doing great and serves as an ambassador for all piglets. While the work is challenging around the farm, Snortie is an inspiration that fills our hearts thinking about the good that others can do. Google “animal sanctuary near me volunteer” and join us on this journey as we advocate for animal liberation!

Non-profit organizations like The Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary are important, and luckily, plentiful these days. There are so many great causes in the world to support, and people trying to help others and the animals. Whether you lived in the United States and want to help your local animal sanctuary, or you want to help feed the hungry overseas - without exploiting animals - by supporting vegan food relief, there is an organization fighting to make the world a better place. Please support them in their efforts to help the world. You can also learn more about vegan nutrition to start your journey towards a cruelty-free lifestyle!

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