My name is Megan Schalit and I am 20 years old. I volunteered and lived at Greyton Animal Farm Sanctuary from April - May 2018. My experience here was truly special. I felt completely welcome the moment I arrived and was honoured to have so much responsibility and trust bestowed on me after only a few days. As a volunteer you are responsible for the morning and evening feeds of the animals and I was lucky enough to also be put in charge of two young piglets and lambs during my time there. 

The sanctuary attracts an incredible bunch of people to it who really care about the animals and their stories - it is amazing to see what an impact it has on each and every one of them. It is no easy task running the sanctuary yet, the people that work there - especially Nicky - do so with a gentleness, passion and love that is inspirational. It was a real privilege being able to wake up everyday in a place with such happiness and beauty and I was very sad when the time came to say my goodbyes.  

I know I will always be welcome at the sanctuary and thank goodness for that, because once you've been there, you're always going to want to return again. 

My name is Maria Jamieson and I come from the USA.  I volunteered at the sanctuary from January to April 2018.  My experience at Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary was hands-down one of the best experiences of my life. I wish I had words to express my gratitude for this extraordinary establishment. The moment I arrived at the sanctuary, I felt at home. Nicky greeted me with open arms and inexplicable warmth. She is one of those few people in the world who genuinely cares about everyone, and wants everyone to feel understood and loved. She goes to large extents to make sure you feel comfortable, cared for, and happy. This goes for the animals living in her care at the sanctuary, too. She cares so deeply about these animals, and it is so inspiring to be around. Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary is a paradise, and everyone who has had the privilege to visit leaves with a new sense of purpose and a desire to return. It is a happy little bubble and a haven for anyone and everyone who needs one.

The animals who live at the sanctuary are some of the sweetest there are. They are so forgiving and kind despite many of their troubled pasts. They taught me so much just by being themselves. I think each of their kind, gentle natures is largely due to the love Nicky showers them in from the moment they step foot on the sanctuary grounds. They are so cared for. I could go on and on talking about Nicky and the incredible human being she is, but I should also speak to the sanctuary she runs.

The work I did at GFAS varied daily – sometimes I helped hands-on with the animals (I even got to help raise several rescued piglets!!!), other times I assisted Nicky with things she needed to get done like sorting through receipts for tax purposes, drafting the weekly newsletter, attending local markets with sanctuary apparel, uploading photos to the sanctuary’s social media accounts, contacting sponsors, and responding to online inquiries. Nicky is very willing to let those who volunteer at Greyton use their gifts however they deem fit!  From woodworking to fundraising to helping hands-on with the animals – there’s a place for you at Greyton! I think about Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary and the lessons I learned there often. I encourage every single person who has an interest in going to go and volunteer!  It changed my life forever.

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